Cat Backpacks Are A Thing And They’re Totally Amazing

“[My cat] absolutely adores it and will sit in it even if we aren’t going anywhere” 🤩🎒😽

cat bubble backpack

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What is the craziest way to bring your cat places? Two words: Bubble. Backpack.

The trend takes cat carriers to the next level by making part — if not all — of the backpack completely see-through.

So not only are you carrying your kitty around on your back, but EVERYONE in the world can see that you are.

Plus, your cat gets a great view of the outside world, all from the safety of his protective bubble.

These backpacks are as ridiculous as they are amazing, so The Dodo spoke with cat parents Aliyah Novelli and Sydney Jenner to find out how they got hooked on the adorably ridiculous trend.

Aliyah’s Pick: Lollimeow Bubble Backpack

cat bubble backpack
Aliyah Novelli going for a walk with her cat, Boots, in his bubble backpack | Aliyah Novelli

Novelli first decided she wanted this backpack for her cat, Boots, after she learned her husband’s friend from work had one.

Turns out, she absolutely loves it.

“We don't feel safe letting him wander the neighborhood because of all the dogs, so this gives him a chance to be outside without getting into trouble,” Novelli told The Dodo. “Plus, we love when people notice he's in there.”

Well, it’s pretty hard not to notice a cat in a backpack. Novelli’s favorite moment was when two little girls spotted Boots from a block away.

“They conversed a bit about whether it really was a kitty,” she said. “They ran up to see and started asking about his name.”

Surprisingly, Boots is a fan of the backpack, too.

“Since we started carrying him in it when he was around 8 weeks or so, he will sometimes go in it on his own,” Novelli explained.

It’s hard to say if it’ll still be easy and fun to sling Boots on her back when he gets bigger, but for now, both he and Novelli love it!

Sydney’s Pick: Henkelion Bubble Backpack

cat bubble backpack
Sydney Jenner’s cats, Steve and Mowgli, in their bubble backpack together | Sydney Jenner

Jenner first saw bubble backpacks popping up on Instagram, and knew she had to get one. She loves carrying around both her cats, Steve and Mowgli, when she’s out and about.

She constantly gets reactions because, you know, they’re cats. In a backpack.

“I always hear people go, ‘Oh my God, is that a cat in there,’ and freak out when they see them,” Jenner told The Dodo. “I took Steve to Target and I had almost every person in the store surrounding me because they had never seen a cat backpack or a hairless cat before.”

While she loves her backpack, her cats are torn.

“Mowgli LOVES it. [He] absolutely adores it and will sit in it even if we aren't going anywhere,” Jenner said. “[Steve] wants nothing to do with it.”

But that’s not the backpack’s fault. Steve isn’t a fan of any carrier.

“Steve hates carriers,” she said. “If we're going anywhere, he wants to be on his harness and not in a carrier.”

Jenner said the downside of her model is that she struggles with keeping the backpack’s straps tight, but she loves that it can fit both her cats, so it evens out.

Here are some more cat backpacks, in case you've decided you can't possibly carry your cat any other way.

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Expandable Bubble Backpack
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Cat Bubble Backpack With Portable Bowl
It also comes with a security leash and soft mat for the bottom of the pack. Plus, it comes in a bunch of different colors, if pink isn't your thing.
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