These Best-Rated Bug Sprays Will Keep Your Dogs Safe This Summer

Mosquitos don't stand a chance 🦟

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It’s mosquito, fly and gnat season — and your dog can be just as bothered by them as you are.

Fortunately, there are many all-natural, chemical-free bug sprays for dogs that keep potentially harmful interests at bay. According to thousands of five-star pet parent reviews, these sprays are effective and safe if ingested, and will keep your pup pest-free while he’s enjoying his summer fun.

Bug Soother Spray

If gnats are bugging your dog to no end, you should definitely give Bug Soother’s lemongrass oil-based repellent a go. “We live near a lake, so on walks the gnats here are really bad. They go after my dog’s eyes, which makes the walk unbearable for both of us,” one pet parent wrote. “I spray this on my hands and rub it on her face and she’s good to go.” 

Flys-Off Insect Repellent

Flies, gnats, mosquitos, fleas and ticks are no match for Flys-Off’s bug spray for dogs and cats. Though the ingredients in this product aren’t all-natural, the formula is safe for pets and works incredibly well, according to over 1,100 pet parents. “This stuff WORKS,” one wrote. “No flies on her, near her, even showing interest in her delicate skin! If you have issues with flies on your pets, get this now. Don't wait, don't think about it, order it and be amazed at how quickly this stuff works.”

Vet’s Best Mosquito Repellent

Over 2,200 pet parents have rated the Vet’s Best mosquito repellent five stars, with one writing, “This spray was phenomenal with keeping [mosquitos] off my little fur baby, Rickii Sue. I would spray it in my hand and rub it on her. Personally I highly recommend this product!!” The formula contains clove and peppermint oils to naturally ward off mosquitos for up to two hours after application.

Greenerways Organic DEET-Free Bug Repellent

The Greenerways Organic DEET-free bug spray contains USDA organic citronella, lemongrass and cedar oils that work together to ward off mosquitos. “It is just my husband, my dog and myself that have been using it,” one five-star reviewer wrote. “We go camping and hiking a lot and this is my new best friend. The first thing you notice about this bug spray is the awesome smell … This bug spray is safe for babies, kids and pets and it will not stain your clothing.”

Wondercide Insect Repellent

Proven to repel 98 percent of insects, the Wondercide bug spray for dogs is powered by essential oils and naturally-derived ingredients. It can even protect your pup from ticks for up to two hours after application. “Works great to protect your family, friends, fur babies and yourself!” one pet parent wrote. “All-natural and safe for everyone!!”

Medella Naturals Insect & Mosquito Repellent

Medella Naturals uses lemongrass oil, vitamin E, castor oil and a hint of vanilla in its insect and mosquito repellent, which is safe for both kids and dogs. “This stuff is fantastic and keeps the mosquitos away!” one five-star reviewer wrote. “The scent is not a strong chemical smell like other bug sprays but simply a nice, soft vanilla scent … Our family really liked this bug spray and will definitely be ordering more!”

YAYA Organics Squito Ban

YAYA Organics’ 100 percent plant-based formula is nontoxic, DEET-free and doesn’t contain any chemicals or alcohols, making it a perfect bug spray for your pup that keeps both mosquitos and ticks from biting. “I sprayed some on my dog — I have not found one tick on him since using this product. (And we live in a high tick area),” one pet parent wrote. “And the bonus is … the sprays have a delightful smell!”