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Amazon Prime Day Deals To Spoil Your Dog Or Cat

The best deals on the things they'll go wild over 😍📦

happy dog getting presents in mail

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Happy Prime Day! That means Amazon’s offering up some incredible deals that you — and your pets — can make the most of.

Whether you want to get an early start on holiday shopping for your cat, or get the dream dog nanny cam, you’ll definitely find what you’re looking for.

To make things even easier, The Dodo sorted through what feels like millions of deals so you don’t have to! Check out the best ones below

AmazonBasics Cat Hammock — 40 Percent Off

cat hammock

Your cat will love lounging in this elevated hammock, and it’s supported by two scratching posts, so he’ll also have something to do when he’s done relaxing. This grey model is 40 percent off.

AmazonBasics Plush Dog Bed — Up To 40 Percent Off

soft grey dog bed

Just think about how cozy your dog will feel while he’s dreaming about digging up your backyard. You can choose from a variety of sizes to fit your pup, up to 40 percent off.

WAG Dental Dog Chews — 40 Percent Off

Fight plaque and tartar with these toothbrush treats. There are different kinds for dogs of all sizes. All sizes are 40 percent off for Prime Day (discount will show up at checkout).

AmazonBasics Stainless Steel Bowl — 40 Percent Off

stainless steel dog bowl

Keep your pet fed and hydrated with this tried-and-true staple. Plus it’s an odor-free alternative to plastic, and has more than 9,000 five-star ratings. It’s 40 percent off for Prime Day, so you can stock up!

Wag Training Treats — 40 Percent Off

wag training treats peanut butter flavor

These treats are perfectly sized for training, and come in several bag sizes and flavors (including a version for hip and joint health). They’re 40 percent off for Prime Day (discount will show up at checkout).

Solimo Flea & Tick Treatment For Cats — Up To 50 Percent Off

solimo flea tick treatment for cats

This topical treatment takes care of all those little guys that are bugging your cat, and one dose lasts up to a month! You can pick from a three-dose or a six-dose pack for up to 50 percent off.

AmazonBasics Foldable Metal Playpen — Up To 50 Percent Off

portable dog cat playpen

This portable playpen is a must-have for puppy parents, foster parents or anyone with a pet who needs a little extra supervision. This deal only applies to the 42-inch size (which will be good for most pets)!

AmazonBasics Cooling Pet Bed — Up To 40 Percent Off

elevated cooling mesh pet bed

This elevated pet bed will keep dogs and cats of all sizes cool on those hot days. You can pick from sizes small through extra large for up to 40 percent off, but only the grey color is on sale.

AmazonBasics Tall Scratching Post — 42 Percent Off

sturdy cat scratching post

This post is tall and sturdy, which is great for keeping your cat’s nails healthy, even if he’s on the heftier side. The brown model is on sale for 42 percent off (and makes a great early Christmas present for your cat).

AmazonBasics Soft Pet Carrier — 40 Percent Off

soft mesh travel carrier

This carrier will keep your pet comfy on the go! The discount is available on the medium and large carrier, both 40 percent off.

AmazonBasics Cat Activity Tree — 40 Percent Off

cat activity tree

Whether she’s lounging around or trying to scratch it to bits, your cat will never get bored of this activity center. Plus it’s available in two different sizes, both at 40 percent off, to fit your cat and your home.

Solimo Hip & Joint Chews — 36 Percent Off

solimo hip and joint chews for dogs

Help keep your older dog feeling young — or give them to your younger pup to keep him healthy. The chews promote hip and joint health, and are 36 percent off for Prime Day.

AmazonBasics Round Bed — 40 Percent Off

round flannel top pet bed

This flannel-top bed is so soft that you’re going to want to sleep in it, too. It comes in either a round shape or an octagon shape, both at 40 percent off.

AmazonBasics Metal Crate — Up To 50 Percent Off

classic black dog crate

This classic crate is a must-have for dog owners, and is available in several sizes at up to 50 percent off.

AmazonBasics Soft Folding Portable Crate — 40 Percent Off

folding travel pet crate

This carrier is nice and soft, but also foldable so you can take it anywhere! The deal applies to the 26" and 42" sizes, both 40 percent off.

AmazonBasics Unscented Poop Bags With Dispenser — 40 Percent Off

unscented dog poop bags with dispenser

These bags come with a convenient dispenser that clips right onto your leash. The discount is available for the 900-count package.

AmazonBasics Gravity Food And Water Dispensers — 40 Percent Off

automatic dog waterer

These feeders and waterers pretty much do all the work for you. Whenever your pet’s snacks get low, the gravity dispenser automatically fills it back up. You can choose between the feeder, waterer and a bundle, all for 40 percent off.

AmazonBasics Medium Scratching Post — 45 Percent Off

cat scratching post

Your cat will have a great time scratching the post or swatting at the dangle toy.