These Are The Best Dog Cones On Amazon

Make recovery a *little* less humiliating 🌼

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If your dog has persistent skin issues or just got home from a surgical procedure, then he’s no stranger to (and probably not a fan of) the e-cone.

While the plastic cone vets give to dogs are important for recovery, they can be uncomfortable and can make a dog even more upset than he already is after undergoing surgery or treatment. But luckily, there are several comfy dog cones on Amazon that are worth a shot if your dog just hates the cone his vet sent him home with.

The Dodo read the reviews and found the highest-rated dog cones Amazon has to offer. Here are the ones pet parents say are the best.

All Four Paws Original Comfy Cone

The All Four Paws Comfy Cone is a padded nylon cone that secures around your dog’s neck with adjustable Velcro straps. It also comes with removable plastic stays that add extra rigidity if and when needed, and elastic loops to thread a thin leash through for walks. Plus, keeping the Comfy Cone clean is easy — just wipe away dirt with a damp, soapy cloth.

BENCMATE Inflatable Cone Collar

Available in sizes from extra-small to extra-large, the BENCMATE inflatable dog collar is basically like a neck pillow for humans that secures closed with Velcro straps. “I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this product!” reads one of the 15,200 five-star reviews. “With this collar our pup could eat, drink, sleep, walk and move around comfortably. I highly recommend this product, it's a great price and great quality.”

Fezep Dog Cone Collar

If you’re looking for a traditional recovery e-cone, the Fezep cone collar is great. Each pack comes with five sizes of cones so you can find the right fit for your dog or have cones on hand that will age up with your puppy as he grows. Unlike traditional cones from the vet, the Fezep cones have cotton flannel along the edges, making them comfy to wear.

Dunhuang Dog Collar

This petal-shaped recovery cone from Dunhuang comes in four sizes and is super adjustable thanks to its three-strap design. The elastic loops on the neckband perfectly fit your dog’s everyday collar, and the reflective trim makes it safe to wear on nighttime walks.

BINGPET Inflatable Dog Recovery Collar

No one said your pet can’t be stylish while recovering from surgery or healing skin issues! This adorable donut-shaped inflatable recovery cone secures around your dog’s neck with a safety buckle and is made with soft, plush material. You can remove the inner inflatable tube and throw the case in the wash when necessary.

Alfie Pet Noah Recovery Collar

“This has made my life so much easier, my dog so much more comfortable, and, although it’s a bummer for the dog to have to be in a collar, she looks hilarious and adorable,” one pet parent said of the Alfie Pet Noah dog cone on Amazon. “No more hand-feeding her twice per day for days to weeks at a time, and she has a bit more of a life because she can pick up toys and play more easily.” This adorable flower-shaped collar comes in sizes up to 2XL and secures closed with Velcro.

ARRR Comfy UFO Recovery Collar

This lightweight dog recovery collar from ARRR is made with water-resistant fabric and filled with an airy microfiber filling, and comes in sizes from small up through 2XL. Its wide radius protects your dog’s sensitive spots, and the flat shape makes it easy for your pup to eat, drink and play.