These Bearded Dragon Costumes Are Scary Good

So many cute options.

bearded dragon costume

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Though bearded dragons kind of rock a Halloween costume all year round (they are dragons, after all), it’s fun to let them play dress-up during the spooky season.

The Dodo found a bunch of cute bearded dragon costumes online that will make your buddy Halloween-ready. From vampire wings and cowboy hats to wizard sets and biker gear, your dragon will win any costume contest, hands down.

Here are the best bearded dragon costumes online according to pet parents’ reviews.

WATFOON Gentleman Vampire Bearded Dragon Costume

Your bearded dragon can be both a gentleman and a vampire for Halloween this year thanks to the WATFOON costume on Amazon. It comes with a harness with wings, a bow tie and a top hat. You can grab either the large or extra-large size depending on your bearded dragon’s measurements.

Frienda Bearded Dragon Skateboard Set

Turn your bearded dragon into Tony Hawk with this set of skateboarding accessories from Frienda. This bearded dragon costume comes with two helmets and two skateboards for shredding.

ADOGGYGO Halloween Bearded Dragon Outfit

“Looks GREAT!” one bearded dragon parent said of the ADOGGYGO hat-and-wings set. “As a bonus, the costume comes with a lead so he can strut his stuff around the house.” This outfit comes with an orange Halloween hat and a matching batwing harness and leash.

Thrills & Chills Bearded Dragon Biker Costume

If your bearded dragon is a real tough guy, then outfit him in his very own biker vest that reads “Bearded Mayhem … Dragon For Life.” This hilarious costume from Thrills & Chills also comes with an adjustable spiked helmet that’s ready for riding.

Vomvomp Bearded Dragon Crown Set

Dress your bearded dragon like the king he is with this crown and necklace from Vomvomp on Amazon. The crown comes with an adjustable toggle strap (also in gold), and the chain necklace fits to any size thanks to the lobster claw clasp. “Good quality, better than expected!” one five-star reviewer wrote.

Carolina Designer Dragon Cowboy Hat

Available in both pink and red, this bearded dragon cowboy hat is the perfect low-maintenance costume that’s Halloween-ready in a few seconds. Just slide the elastic strap under your dragon’s chin and you’re ready to start calling him “partner.”

RYPET Lizard Wizard Costume

Keep it simple with this “lizard wizard” set from RYPET. It comes with a witch hat and matching scarf that covers up the adjustable toggle. “Hat is nice and stiff, so it looks great on my beardie,” one pet parent wrote. “The scarf covers the elastics that hold the hat on. Looks very cute and festive.”