Here Are 11 Of The Cutest Matching Dog And Baby Halloween Costumes

Double trouble 👯‍♀️

dog and baby in halloween costumes

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Dressing up your dog and baby for Halloween is super fun, but it can be a struggle to find the perfect costume for both of them.

So why not get matching costumes?

The Dodo found 11 of the cutest matching dog and baby Halloween costumes so both of your kids can win best dressed.

Regional Manager Dog and Baby Set

Your baby can be the regional manager with your dog as the assistant (to the) regional manager in this costume. The matching baby onesie and dog bandana are embroidered, handmade and 100 percent cotton. The onesie also has a snap closure for easing changing. Both the onesie and the bandana come in multiple sizes and colors.

Pet Krewe Unleash The Parade Cookie Monster Dog Costume

You’ll have a couple of monsters in your house with these matching costumes — Cookie Monster and Count von Count, that is. The dog costume includes a bodysuit with a Velcro strap that gently fastens around your dog’s neck and a hood with a drawstring for the perfect fit. The Count costume comes with a onesie with snap closures and a hood that stands up to make your baby look like a vampire. It also comes with a Count von Count hat to complete the look.

Rubie's Red Riding Hood Dog Costume

Switch the Little Red Riding Hood and Big Bad Wolf roles by dressing your dog as Little Red and your baby as the wolf! The dog costume includes a dress and red cape and comes in multiple sizes. The wolf costume comes with a plush fur wolf body, a hood with eyes, ears and teeth, and paw shoe covers.

Rubie's Ghostbusters Movie Pet Costume Jumpsuit

Who ya gonna call? Ghostbusters! This Ghostbusters dog costume includes a collared shirt with the Ghostbuster symbol and an inflatable backpack. The baby Marshmallow Man costume includes a onesie with a collar and a “Stay Puft” hat.

Rubie's Star Wars Ewok Pet Costume

If you’re a big Star Wars fan, these matching Yoda and Ewok costumes are for you. The Ewok costume comes with a doggie onesie and a hood with attached ears to make your pup look exactly like the Star Wars character. The Yoda costume includes a robe with a zip-up layer underneath and a soft Yoda headpiece complete with big ears and wrinkles.

KYEESE Dog Pajama

Dress your baby up as your dog and your dog as your baby! This onesie for dogs has a rubber duckie pattern and is made of a soft velvet. The baby costume includes a plush body, a hood with a dog face and paw shoe covers. It comes in multiple sizes and colors. The costume is made of a lightweight baby blanket material and has cooling fiberfill to keep your baby comfortable. It’s roomy enough to be worn over clothes in colder weather, too.

Coppthinktu Dog Cow Costume

Your dog and baby will have fun on the farm with these matching costumes. The cow costume is a one piece made of a soft fleece fabric to keep your pup comfy and warm, and it’s a pullover style to get it easily on and off. The lamb baby costume is hypoallergenic and is fully lined, so it’s great for babies with sensitive skin. The costume includes the onesie with an attached hood and snap closures for easy changing.

Thrills & Chills Halloween Dragon Dog & Cat Costume

If you’re looking for a dog costume to complement your baby girl’s princess costume, look no further than this princess and dragon combo. The dragon costume for dogs has shiny scales that look like real dragon scales, and it even has a hood with eyes and teeth that are visible if your pup’s OK with wearing it on his head. It has an adjustable Velcro strap so you can fit it perfectly on your pup, and it comes in multiple sizes. The princess costume comes in multiple styles (Cinderella, Snow White and a mermaid princess) and comes with a headband to match. The onesie has a tutu dress and snap closures for easy changing and is made of cotton.

FRISCO Pumpkin Dog & Cat Costume

Dress your baby and dog in the most classic costume: the almighty pumpkin. The body of the dog costume is stuffed to make it look like your dog’s actually a round pumpkin, and it has a sequined leafy collar. It also comes with a pumpkin hat with an adjustable chin strap. The baby costume comes with a 100 percent organic cotton onesie and hat. The onesie has snap closures to make it easy to get on and off, and you can even have your baby’s name embroidered on the hat.

TOMSENN Dog Lion Mane

Your dog and baby can be Mufasa and Simba with these costumes. The lion costume for dogs comes with a mane and tail to make your pup look like a king of the jungle. The mane comes in two colors so you can match it to your dog’s fur, and it fits medium- to large-sized dogs best. The baby costume includes a onesie with snaps on the legs for easy changing, a lion mane hood and booties. The hood and booties are separate to make the costume easy to get on and off.

FRISCO Hotdog Dog & Cat Costume

Your baby and dog will be an iconic duo with these hot dog and hamburger costumes. This hot dog costume for pups is a one-piece design with neck and belly straps to keep it in place, and it comes in multiple sizes. The baby hamburger costume is a plush, round hamburger with lettuce, tomato and cheese. It comes in multiple sizes up to size 4T.