Dodo Pick: Our Dogs Are Obsessed With This Bed

“We foster a lot of puppies and dogs and it’s always the bed everyone wants to claim as their own” ❤️🐶

Animals Matter Katie Puff Dog Bed

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When The Dodo’s Katy Brink was looking for a new bed for her dogs, she wasn’t sure if the price point on this cloud-like bed was worth it — but her dogs thought differently.

“It is the most luxurious, plush, comfy bed possible!” Brink said. “It was a splurge and I wasn’t sure if my dogs would make it worth it, but they are obsessed.”

Animals Matter Katie Puff Dog Bed
Katy Brink’s foster pittie snuggling in her favorite bed | Katy Brink

Why The Dodo loves this bed

“We foster a lot of puppies and dogs and it’s always the bed everyone wants to claim as their own,” Brink said. “It also looks great — every dog lover who’s seen it wants to know how to get it.” 

And who can blame them? This is the kind of pillowy heaven that even humans want to get into.

animals matter katie puff bed
Brink’s dogs snuggling up to a foster puppy in their favorite spot | Katy Brink

“My pittie Sasha loves curling up in it in a little ball. I think she feels like she’s swaddled,” Brink said. “She gets so relaxed in it she’ll even share it with our foster puppies.”

This bed makes Brink’s fosters feel safe

“I think it also helps our fosters feel safe and comfortable when they’re adjusting to a bunch of new things,” Brink said. “Our current foster pittie Raven has been in and out of the shelter for years and immediately made it her spot when we rescued her a couple of weeks ago. She sleeps in it every night.”

animals matter katie puff bed
Brink’s pittie snuggling up in bed | Katy Brink

Any downsides?

According to Brink, there are a couple of things she isn’t super in love with — although her dogs being obsessed with the bed definitely makes them non-issues.

“The cost — I’d have one in every room if I could!” Brink said. 

“It got a small rip in it after a couple of years of heavy use, from a foster puppy’s sharp little tooth, so it’s not for chewers,” she said. “But my grown-up dogs prefer the soft plush material to beds that are more durable.” 

animals matter katie puff dog bed
Brink's pittie in bed | Katy Brink

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