40+ Animal Trivia Questions And Their Interesting Answers

Your friends will be so impressed by your animal trivia knowledge 🧠

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If you’re obsessed with animals, you probably love learning new facts about them that you never knew before. And whether you’re just curious or want to study up before trivia night, you’re in luck.

We’ve gathered more than 40 animal trivia questions that’ll have everyone saying, “How did you know that?!”

Animal trivia questions about mammals

Trivia question: Which mammal can hold their breath the longest?
Answer: The Cuvier’s beaked whale, who once lasted 222 minutes underwater in one dive

Trivia question: Which animal lives the longest?
Answer: The bowhead whale, who can live for over 200 years

Trivia question: Which animal runs the fastest?
Answer: The cheetah, who can run as fast as 70 miles per hour

Trivia question: Which animal has the highest heart rate?
Answer: The pygmy shrew, whose heart beats at 1,300 beats per minute

Trivia question: How much meat can a tiger eat at once?
Answer: 88 pounds

Trivia question: What color are polar bear tongues?
Answer: Blue

Trivia question: Which mammal has the longest pregnancy?
Answer: The elephant, whose gestation period is 22 months

Trivia question: Which rhino has the longest hair?
Answer: The Sumatran rhino

Trivia question: Which two mammals are the only ones who lay eggs?
Answer: The anteater and the duck-billed platypus

Trivia question: How many clams do walruses eat in a day?
Answer: 5,000

Trivia question: What’s the only mammal who can fly?
Answer: The bat

Trivia question: What is a baby rabbit called?
Answer: A kit

Trivia question: Which mammals have the thickest fur?
Answer: Southern sea otters

Trivia question: How much do newborn blue whales weigh?
Answer: 5,000 pounds

Trivia question: How long do koalas spend sleeping every day?
Answer: 90 percent of the day

Trivia question: What animal has cube-shaped poops?
Answer: The wombat

Trivia question: What color is a giraffe’s tongue?
Answer: Purple

Trivia question: What are rhino horns made out of?
Answer: Hair

Trivia question: How long does it take a sloth to digest food?
Answer: Two weeks

Trivia question: What’s the only mammal who can’t jump?
Answer: The elephant

Trivia question: How far can a skunk spray?
Answer: 10 feet

Animal trivia questions about birds

Trivia question: What’s the longest amount of time a chicken’s ever flown?
Answer: 13 seconds

Trivia question: What’s the biggest bird in the world?
Answer: The ostrich

Trivia question: What’s the only bird who can fly backwards?
Answer: The hummingbird

Trivia question: How many types of birds can’t fly?
Answer: 57

Animal trivia questions about reptiles

Trivia question: Which turtles can’t retract into their shells?
Answer: Sea turtles

Trivia question: How many layers of skin do chameleons have?
Answer: Four

Trivia question: What’s the heaviest reptile?
Answer: The saltwater crocodile

Trivia question: What’s the longest snake in the world?
Answer: The reticulated python

Trivia question: What reptiles can breathe out of their butts?
Answer: Some turtles (like the Australian Fitzroy river turtle and the North American eastern painted turtle)

Animal trivia questions about amphibians

Trivia question: How long can Alaskan wood frogs survive being frozen?
Answer: Seven months

Trivia question: Which amphibians have tails?
Answer: Salamanders

Trivia question: How far can frogs jump?
Answer: Over 20 times the length of their bodies

Trivia question: What’s the largest amphibian?
Answer: The South China giant salamander

Animal trivia questions about insects

Trivia question: What part of the body do butterflies use to taste their food?
Answer: Their feet

Trivia question: What’s a newborn caterpillar’s first meal?
Answer: Her own eggshell

Trivia question: Where are crickets’ ears?
Answer: On their legs

Trivia question: How much weight can ants lift?
Answer: 5,000 times their body weight

Trivia question: How many eyes do caterpillars have?
Answer: 12

Trivia question: Which insect is the only one who can turn her head?
Answer: The praying mantis

Trivia question: What’s the loudest insect in the world?
Answer: The cicada

Trivia question: What was the first animal in space?
Answer: The fruit fly

Trivia question: What’s the smallest insect in the world?
Answer: The fairyfly

Trivia question: How do female dragonflies avoid mating?
Answer: They play dead
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