These Are The Most Extra Masks For Animal People

So cute 🥰

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This year has caused a lot of changes in your day-to-day life, and one of the biggest is wearing a mask everywhere you go.

Thankfully there are masks out there that are straight-up ridiculous, but also perfect for pet people.

These masks scream “animal lover,” and they have the added perk of making anyone who sees you smile. (And who doesn’t need a pick-me-up in 2020?)

So The Dodo rounded up some of the cutest — and most over-the-top — masks for pet people.

Cat "Titanic" Parody Face Mask
You’ll never let go … of this mask.
Custom Pet Face Mask
You can actually get your own pet's face on a mask!
2-Pack Of Golden Retriever And Corgi Masks
For anyone who's a sucker for retriever tongues or corgi butts.
Black-And-White Cat Mouth Face Mask
This is great if, you know, animal mouths are your thing.
Colorful Dogs Mask
In case you want to be completely covered in dogs.
Cat Whiskers Mask
This one’s for anyone who wants to show off their cat obsession without being too extra.
2-Pack Of Cartoon Dog Masks
So you can take the most adorable cartoon pups with you wherever you go.
Dog Mouth Face Mask
Don't you want to just boop that nose?
3-Pack Of Cute Cat Print Face Masks
This way you have options when deciding which weird cat mask you want to wear.
Black Paw Print Face Mask
The paw prints are a cute way to subtly show off your pet obsession.
Black Cat Mouth Face Mask
Trading mouths with a cat? Why not?
Artsy Puppy Face Mask
The colors are super gorgeous.
Colorful Cats Mask
Crazy cat person title achieved.
Cat Mouth Face Mask
For anyone who's ever wondered what it would be like to have whiskers.
Labrador Mouth Face Mask
Put a (dog) smile on your face.
Grey Cat Mouth Face Mask
It's like swapping faces with a cat.
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