Things You Need If You Love A Good Drink As Much As You Love Your Pets

Drinking with dogs and cats 🍻🐶😽

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Getting quality time in with your pets is always fun. Unwinding at 5 p.m. with a glass of wine or a cold beer can be fun, too.

So if you’re looking to combine your two favorite activities, here are some really cool alcohol accessories designed specifically for dog and cat lovers.

Check out these amazing picks (and more) below:

Wearable Cat Flask
Fun and fashionable!
Personalized Dog Paw Print 23 oz. Glass Beer Mug (Set of 2)
Slap your name on this mug and you’ll never accidentally drink someone else’s beer again.
Playful Pup Wine Bottle Holder for Tabletop and Countertop
This is just too funny. There are also a bunch of different breed options if you want to mix things up (or even collect them all).
Scaredy Cat 14 oz. Whiskey Glass Set
Because everyone has at least one friend who celebrates Halloween year-round.
Cat Butt Wine Bottle Stopper
This might be one of the greatest ways to save a half-empty bottle of wine.
Cat Wine Bottle Holder
There are a few design options here, just in case an orange tabby chugging doesn’t fit your tastes.
Collie Bottle Opener
The most meta way to crack that hair-of-the-dog beer.
Paws Off Glass Markers (6-Pack)
In case you and your friends are notorious for accidentally sipping each other’s wine.
Dog Wine Decanter
Add this to your list of “things you never knew existed, but totally need now.”
Cat Bottle Opener
This corkscrew is great for wine bottles and beer bottles.
Beagle 4-Piece 14 oz. Whiskey Glass Set
If you’ve got a soft spot for beagles, these are for you.
Hair of the Dog Hip Flask
Here’s a flask that’s refreshingly honest.
Corgi Bottle Stopper
It turns out corgi butts are good for keeping your leftover wine tasting great. 😂
Cat Wine Charm
These are a classy and subtle way to show off your cat obsession.
Irish Dogs Whiskey Decanter
Is there a more fitting way to store Irish whiskey than with a decanter that has an Irish terrier stopper?
Crazy Cat Lady Stemless Wine Glass (Set of 4)
For anyone who isn’t afraid to proudly own this particular title.