For pet parents who want

24/7 virtual vet care access

Sign up for $19.99/month


For pet parents who want

24/7 virtual vet care access

Sign Up for $19.99/month

Why DodoVet?

Being a pet parent is the BEST — and sometimes, the most stressful.

When your dog eats a toy or your cat isn’t feeling like herself, searching online for information can create more worries than answers. And big questions like how to deal with leash aggression or figuring out the best diet for allergies might require a few conversations with an expert.

That’s why we partnered with leaders in veterinary telemedicine to create a convenient, empathetic and trustworthy service where pet parents can get expert veterinary and behavioral advice — anytime, anywhere. 

On-Demand Live Support

Video chat, call or text whenever you need advice

Avoid unnecessary trips to the vet

Get real-time answers at home

Proactive coaching

Content and insights for every step of your pet parenting journey

No more frantic searches

Panic-inducing search results don't help anyone

Empathetic vet care team

Nothing is too gross, silly or weird!

Need an in-person visit?

We'll help you find the right place for your pet's needs

Learn more in our FAQ here

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DodoVet's experts are here to help with...

New Pet Parents

Senior Pet Care

Health & Wellness



What's Included

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Is DodoVet an emergency service?

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Our Veterinary Experts

Are the experts real vets?

Can I talk to the same veterinary expert every time?

Can you prescribe medications?

Sign up now for $19.99/month

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