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A Wild One Dog Carrier Will Let You Tote Your Pup In Style

The Wild One dog carrier a chic but practical way to carry your dog.

Seeing a cute dog nestled in a tote bag or dog carrier during my morning commute is always a mood lifter. And the moment is made even more major for me when the dog is housed inside a stylish bag that makes me question the choice of my own work tote.

When it comes to dog carriers, the majority of us likely side with functionality over fashion. But thanks to the Wild One dog carrier, every pet parent can brighten their fellow commuters day with a dog tote that drools style.

Wild One’s dog carrier is a roomy, structured bag, made of a weatherproof material that looks luxe while still being very practical. The minimal design features reinforced nylon straps. And inside there’s a removable padded base, leash clip, and single side pocket that is great for holding a collapsible water bowl.

My dog likes to rest her chin on things, so I wish the interior padding extended to the head cutout. But other than that small detail, I appreciate the simplicity of the design.

It should be noted that this isn’t an airline-approved fully enclosed crate. It should be used as a day-to-day bag for minor doggy hauling, which is essential for pet parents that use public transit regularly. 

Get the dog carrier from Wild One for $180.