Huge Puppy Creates Optical Illusions When He Plops On Top Of Older Brother

Luckily, his bro loves him anyway.

Meet Mossy, a 6-month-old puppy who has no idea just how big he’s gotten — much to the annoyance of his smaller, older brother, Doug. Mossy still loves to pile on top of his siblings, and sometimes his long limbs create funny optical illusions. 

Penny Ramsey

These days, anytime Mossy insists on draping his huge body over Doug for a cuddle session, wise old Doug has learned to find his zen.

“[Doug] couldn’t care less about drama or anything,” their mom, Penny Ramsey, told The Dodo. “He just ignores Mossy.”

dog sitting on smaller dog
Penny Ramsey

From the start, Mossy trusted Doug. When Mossy got overwhelmed during his first night at Ramsey’s house and began crying in his crate, Doug knew just what to do. Intent on calming his younger brother, grumpy Doug let out one of his characteristically gruff barks, and Mossy instantly quieted.

“I was like, ‘Oh, thank you, Doug!’” Ramsey said. 

dog laying on dog
Penny Ramsey

When Mossy’s not busy cuddling Doug, he enjoys spending time with his other dog siblings, Lyra and Bertie.

girl with four dogs
Penny Ramsey

Ramsey can’t imagine her life without her dogs, whose funny, unique personalities always make her day a bit brighter.

“Mossy is just happy-go-lucky, always smiling,” Ramsey said. “[Doug] just wants to sit on your lap all day.”