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You Know Who Really Deserves a Casper Mattress? Your Dog

A Casper dog bed will take nap time to new levels.

If your dog is anything like mine, then his priorities in a dog bed are a soft, enclosed space to snuggle up, and — most importantly — somewhere she can rest her head. 

Since its launch in 2014, Casper has been synonymous with modern foam mattresses, comfortably situating the company at the top of the direct-to-consumer pantheon.

But let’s be honest, your dog doesn’t care about any of that.

What your dog will care about is the awesome design of the Casper Dog Bed, which features raised walls for head-resting that create a feeling of safety. 

The dog bed is made of the same comfortable foam as the popular Casper mattress — plus the cover is removable, machine washable and nearly indestructible, and even hides its zippers to protect your pup and your floor from scratches. The cover is also textured to promote a bit of (safe) digging.

I’ve had my Casper Dog Bed for years now, with no signs of wear and tear, stains, or sagging of the foam. My dog Ellie — who is a toy Australian shepherd — has tested several other beds (obviously). This includes great options from Riley and Wild One. But her Casper bed remains her fave. And you definitely won’t mind that it looks great, either! 

(But of course, as great as this bed is, nothing will change the fact your dog gets first pick of a spot on your bed, too.)

Get the Casper Dog Bed from Casper for $125+.