Do Dogs Hold Grudges?

That's the question that I've been asking myself for the past few days and I've come to the conclusion that my dog Leroy is very capable of holding grudges.

He's currently extremely angry with me and only me because I had to keep him in his cage for a few hours while we had a party at our house.

He's the type of dog that can really bring a party down because he's always getting into trouble and he needs constant supervision when people are coming in and out of doors and leaving food easily accessible on tables.

Believe me -- he's safer in his cage in circumstances like this.

So ever since that day he's been letting me know exactly how upset and hurt he is about not being able to crash the party.

1. He's on a hunger strike. He will not eat when I feed him. No matter what I do, if I give him his food he won't eat it.

2. He's spitting food at me. I tried to give him a treat the other day and he took it and then spit it back at me and it hit me in the face.

3. Body slams. One day last week he woke me up by body slamming me. Normally he jumps on the bed in the morning and I don't even feel him. On this day he misguided his jump, or so I thought, and the front half of his body came crashing down on me. Then he did it again. And again. Then I got up because I realized he wasn't having trouble jumping on the bed, he was trying to kill me.

4. Saturday morning he had a fight with the pillows on the couch outside of my bedroom at 5:30am. He was throwing pillows across the room and howling at them.

5. Sunday morning, the morning where everyone gains an hour of sleep, Leroy howled right in my face, at 5:00 am. Punk. Then an hour later he wanted to eat, and when I put his bowls down he sat and stared at me, until my husband came over, picked the bowls up and then put them back down. Punk.

So if I put all these things together I would have to say that my dog is totally holding a grudge and I'm not quite sure how long he can hold it for.