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Djala, a magnificent silverback gorilla, took his first steps back on African soil -- 30 years after his family was massacred by hunters


Meet the family of critically endangered western lowland gorillas making the groundbreaking journey back to the wild from Port Lympne Wild Animal Park in Kent, as part of world leading conservation charity The Aspinall Foundation's Back to the Wild Campaign.

The family is headed by Djala, a 30-year-old silverback. As a baby Djala was rescued from poachers in Africa and flown to the safety of Port Lympne where he has become one of the largest silverbacks in captivity, weighing 200 kgs.

Djala and his family (his "wives" and offspring, between the ages of eight months and six years, all of whom were reared in captivity) have now arrived in Africa and are settling into their new home, a 1 million acre reserve.

But they are just at the start of a long journey back to the wild.

No other conservation organization in the world has ever attempted the release of a family group. The release is part of the commitment The Aspinall Foundation believes is owed to man's closest cousins after the devastation unleashed on their species in their natural habitats by humans.

Follow their epic journey: The Journey - The Aspinall Foundation


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