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Wild Chimps Discovered Tenderly Caring For Disabled Daughter

A baby chimp was born a little different from everyone else, but that didn't stop her family from loving her.

A family was found caring for a baby girl born in the wild in Tanzania in 2011 with a disability resembling Down Syndrome, a new study published in Primates reports.

"One characteristic of human society is that people reasonably take care of the disabled and those in vulnerable positions," Michio Nakamura, a professor at Kyoto University's Wildlife Research Center, told The Japan Times. "It's interesting to observe a chimpanzee looking after a disabled infant in terms of finding out when such sociality occurs, as they are the closest modern species to humans."

Beyond merely resembling human behavior, the finding seems to speak to the loyalty - and even the capacity for unconditional love - among non-human animals. It's pulling on the heartstrings of people all across the world.

"It appears they have more sympathy than some humans," one commenter wrote on Facebook.

Another added: "Humans could learn something here."

And some were surprised that such a finding is surprising at all. "We always seem surprised when animals show care and kindness," one commenter wrote. "But the internet is awash with evidence that far from extraordinary this sort of thing is common."

We couldn't agree more.

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