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Register Now! Free NYC Digital Animals Conference With The Dodo

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Will drones save the planet's rhinos? Can we ever replace lab animals with machines? Join The Dodo this February for a conference dedicated to a topic growing more important each day: how the technology we use affects the animals we love and want to protect. The one-day conference, hosted by NYU's Animal Studies Initiative and co-sponsored by The Dodo, is called "Digital Animals: What Changing Technologies Mean for Animal Protection."

Conference presenters include "Blackfish" co-writer Tim Zimmerman, Pulitzer Prize winner Dan Fagin, and Thomas Snitch, a member of the first team to fly night drone anti-poaching missions in South Africa. The Dodo's founder Izzie Lerer will also present, and executive editor Joanna Zelman will moderate a panel. Sessions will focus on digital benefits, risks, activism, and the media, as they relate to animals.

WHEN: February 20, 9:15 a.m. - 5 p.m.
WHERE: NYU, Hemmerdinger Hall, Silver Building 1st Floor, 31 Washington Place, NY, NY
WHO: Anyone in the area! The event is free to the public LEARN MORE AND REGISTER HERE:digitalanimals.org

Additional co-sponsors include DarwinApps, the Digital Humanities in NYU's Faculty of Arts and Sciences, and NYU's Department of Environmental Studies.


Sun Joo (grace) Ahn - Asst Professor, Journalism And Mass Communication, Univ Of Georgia
Thomas Augst - Associate Professor, English, NYU
Etienne Benson - Asst Professor, Dept Of History And Sociology Of Science, UPenn
Pascaline Clerc - Senior Director Of Policy And Advocacy For Animal Research Issues, Humane Society USA
Nicolas Delon - Asst Professor/faculty Fellow, Animal Studies Initiative And Environmental Studies, NYU
Dan Fagin - Associate Professor, Science Journalism, NYU
Anna Frostic - Senior Attorney, Humane Society USA
Andras Forgacs - Co-founder, Modern Meadow
Alexandra Horowitz - Adjunct Associate Professor, Psychology, Barnard College
Jennifer Jacquet - Asst Professor, Environmental Studies, NYU
Dale Jamieson - Professor, Environmental Studies; Founder And Director, Animal Studies Initiative, NYU
Izzie Lerer - Founder And Editor-at-large, The Dodo
Thomas Snitch - Distinguished Senior Professor, Institute For Advanced Computer Studies, Univ Of Maryland
Joanna Zelman - Executive Editor, The Dodo
Tim Zimmermann - Associate Producer And Co-writer, Blackfish