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Animals Around The World Honor Dog Killed In Paris Attacks

As the world looks for hope in the wake of the Paris terrorist attacks, no shortage of heroes has emerged.

There's a former Marine who used his body to shield his girlfriend from a hail of gunfire. There's a FedEx employee who took a bullet meant for someone else at a bar that was under attack.

And there are countless more people whose acts of selflessness during the carnage may never come to light.

But today, one hero's name is ringing out across the globe. Social media is paying its own unique tribute to Diesel the fallen police dog, lighting up the hashtag #JeSuisDiesel or #JeSuisChien with images of pets paying homage.

The Belgian shepherd's job was to sniff out explosives. This week he found them in the Paris suburb of St. Denis.

Diesel followed his master's voice into the breach. A woman reportedly activated a suicide vest when police arrived. And Diesel lost his life.

The world, however, gained an abiding hero in Diesel. And more importantly, from the ashes of carnage, an unlikely symbol of hope.