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Did It Dance? Did It Eat Eggs? : Gigantoraptor


A very questionable dinosaur from the Late Cretaceous, these creatures are extinct and again , questionable because we only know their bones, no diet, no behavior, no evidence of feathers, nothing but bones. Let's start easy:

What did it eat? : It could've eaten eggs like Oviraptor, it could of eaten plants like Citipati, but who knows? nobody that isn't 63 million years old.

What did it do?; It could've danced for females, it could've used it's primitive version of fingers ( see fossil record) to pick it's food, or it could used it's beak to eat. You have to be at least middle tens of hundreds of years old to tell me. (If some-one is, i' ll eat my arms off).

Scaly, Fluffy, Feathery, Dry, Soft, Rough,? No-one knows what kind of skin it had, though creatures like Velociraptor and Archaeopteryx have proof of feathers, and Maiasauras have even had entire skin discovered , color and all.

Fossil Record:

Xu Xing found a thjgh bone and a rib cage, but nowadays a full skeleton is at AMONH. It had what appear to be three opposable fingers on their limbs, which is something reptiles don't normally have.

Gigantoraptors are cool Dinos.