The Dodo x Airbnb Experiences
Life is better with animals. The Dodo and Airbnb Experiences have joined forces to give animal lovers a new reason to travel, with a thoughtfully curated series of one-of-a-kind experiences around the world, hosted by your favorite Dodo stars and the humans who love them.

The Dodo x Airbnb Experiences

Magical encounters that help you meet animals in a brand new way
Animals on Airbnb Experiences are a new way to meet animals and a counterpoint to traditional animal tourism. From hiking with a resilient pit bull and her dad in Arizona, to picnicking in San Francisco with a pig and his dog best friend, each unforgettable experience positions Dodo stars as the heroes of their own stories, aided by their human advocates.

Animals on Airbnb Experiences

Discover a new way to meet animals with Airbnb Experiences. Connect with over 300 types of animals, with the help of caring experts and fellow animal lovers.