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Desperate Mother Dog Stops Traffic, Leads Rescuers To Her Puppies

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Sometimes dogs know exactly how to ask for help.

Edina Pasic, who works with international animal rescue group Harmony Fund, was driving down a highway outside of Sarajevo, Bosnia, when she spotted a dog who was clearly in need.

"In the middle of the busy highway we saw a female dog running totally confused between cars and trucks," Pasic wrote.

Pasic and her companion stopped the car, leaving it in the middle of the highway, to go after the frightened dog. They finally got to her, scooping her up and talking to her, trying to calm her down."

"She was full of scars," Pasic wrote. "Luckily we had some food in the car. When we gave her some food she ate very fast." Pasic could tell from her body that she'd had puppies recently, but the dog was all alone by the side of the highway.

Pasic was surprised when suddenly, the dog started to walk away from them - but she seemed to want them to follow close behind her.

"I followed her on foot and Caki with the car. She didn't run from me anymore," Pasic wrote. "Imagine how hungry she must have been. She kept turning around to see if I was still following her, like she was taking me to see her babies."

The dog led them to a shed behind a house, where two little puppies were waiting - a boy and a girl.

Pasic was aghast at the conditions - it was clear that the mother dog and her puppies hadn't been fed or cared for, so she knocked on the door of the nearby house.

"An older man opened the door and immediately got mad when I asked about them," Pasic wrote. "I was already upset about this poor dog, so this was the last thing I needed." The homeowner told Pasic that he had been planning on getting rid of the puppies anyways, so she insisted on taking them with her, then and there.

"We first placed the puppies in a box, then the mother. She didn't protest, she trusted me," Pasic wrote. "The mommy gave me kisses the whole way."

Now the mother dog and her puppies are safe at a rescue, waiting for families who will love them and take care of them. And it's all because a mama dog went out searching for kind people who would help save her babies.