He Just Waits In This Mudhole Begging Strangers For Love

<p>Deb Todesco<span></span></p>

UPDATE: Demo was rescued Friday morning! Read the story here.

The construction workers never fail to see the dog who lives next door.

They've been working on a site in a Hendersonville, North Carolina, neighborhood since September. And just about every day, the dog comes up to the fence, tail wagging, begging for attention.

Sometimes, they will share their lunch with him. Sometimes, it's roast beef. Another time, a worker hauled some bricks and tarp over the pen to make the dog a crude shelter. They laid down some cedar shavings to give him a slender stretch of dry footing.

Since they started working in the neighborhood, this dog has been breaking their hearts.

"He's as sweet as he can be," one of the workers, who didn't want to be identified, tells The Dodo. "He's so friendly. He'll let you pet him."

Maybe that's because the construction workers seem to be all this dog has - his owners, they say, are rarely seen.

They come around every now and then and throw dry dog food over the pen, where it scatters in the mud.

"The people, I don't think, are really living here," the worker says. "But they left the dog here. They come in once a day, throw some boxes in a car and take it away somewhere. They don't pet the dog."

Nobody knows the dog's name - some call him Demo because the property he lives on his scheduled for demolition. The worker says he heard it had been sold to a nearby hospital, which may explain why people are only seen at the property loading up boxes.

Animal control officers visited 'Demo' about a week ago, he adds. They told the dog's owners they would have to remove his chain.

"He was on a chain in a kennel," the worker snarls in disgust.

And what a kennel it is.

"It's basically a big old mudhole back there," he says.

When it rains, they see the dog standing on top of his crude doghouse to stay out of the mud. When it's cold, well, that's a different kind of hell.

"Last year, when it got really cold he just dug a hole down in the dirt and he was just laying in the hole, shivering."

But this excruciatingly lonesome dog is slowly gaining friends.

A handful of animal welfare workers are desperately trying to get Demo out of his bleak confines.

Another rescue, Nadia's Haven of Hope Foundation, even recently lined up a foster family for Demo. But that's when someone identifying himself as the owner asserted his claim to the dog.

So, after getting Demo out of his pen, and even posting a Happy Ending picture on Facebook, the rescue fell through. Demo returned to his mud pit.

But animal welfare advocates aren't giving up hope. A group has offered the elusive owners money to surrender Demo. More groups are spreading the word about Demo's plight on social media. They are pressuring animal control to seize the dog. Something has to break.

Besides hearts.

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