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Delivery Guy Risks His Life To Save Kitten Trapped On Ledge

He dropped everything to help.

Eliseu Oliveira dos Santos earns a living as a motorcycle courier, transporting packages from place to place around his home in Brazil. But this week, the father of two dropped everything to make another kind of delivery - carrying a stranded kitten to safety.

Eliseu Oliveira dos Santos

On Monday, Eliseu had just delivered a parcel in the city of Canoas when he heard sounds of panic in front of a nearby apartment building, so he headed over to investigate. There, he encountered a group of people trying to rescue a kitten who had become trapped on a third-floor window ledge. He asked if he could help.

"When I saw what was happening I thought of assisting in some way," Eliseu told The Dodo. "The actions of everyone who was there for the cat motivated me."

The group already had a ladder in place, but it was slightly too short to reach. Whoever climbed to the top would need to risk their life on one of the highest rungs to grab the stranded pet. Without hesitating, Eliseu volunteered for the job.

From across the street, a person filmed him making that perilous climb to save the kitten.

Those watching cheered Eliseu as he returned the cat to solid ground. But then, like a humble hero, he chose not to stick around to relish in the praise.

"I was a little embarrassed, but very happy to have helped the cat," Eliseu said. "I thought I would just continue on my normal day."

Once the video above was posted online, it wasn't long before the anonymous Good Samaritan was identified.

Eliseu Oliveira dos Santos

The person happiest to learn Eliseu's name was Flavia Azevedo Prates. It was her cat that he saved - and now she knew who to thank.

"I want to congratulate this blessed angel who stopped in the middle of his work to save our beloved Marcellin, and to say that there are still people doing good in this world," she wrote in a post online. "This guy saw a commotion, stopped his motorcycle, and risked his life to save a kitten. He did not even know whose he was. And afterward he leaves like nothing happened. He could only have been an angel sent by God."