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Debbie Harry Demands Freedom For NYC Carriage Horse Named “Blondie”

Another celebrity has joined the call to ban New York City's horse carriages: this time, Debbie Harry is standing up for the animals. With the help of PETA, the former "Blondie" lead singer penned a letter to the 51 members of the New York city council about a carriage horse, who also called Blondie.

Harry addressed an incident in which Blondie (the horse) was made to walk for four days with a painful hoof disease, leading to the arrest of her carriage driver.

Her letter reads:

A police officer noticed that Blondie was struggling to pull his carriage. When he questioned the driver, he learned that Blondie had been suffering from a serious leg injury for four days but had still been forced to work long shifts in hectic traffic. The driver was arrested, but it wasn't his first offense: Previous charges included drinking on duty and driving his horse through Manhattan's busy streets at unauthorized times.

The singer urged council members to support a bill by Mayor de Blasio that would ban the horse carriages and replace them with antique electric cars.

Other celebrities who have spoken out against the carriage industry include Pink, Peter Dinklage, and Jillian Michaels.

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