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Dear SeaWorld, We Drew You 5 Cartoons To Explain Why Your Stock Is Tanking

SeaWorld has been under major fire in recent months. As a result, their stock has plummeted, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that SeaWorld will either have to change their ways or fade away. Here are five reasons why SeaWorld is failing - in pictures!

1. "Blackfish" was insanely popular.
Unfortunately for SeaWorld, the documentary "Blackfish" was incredibly successful, with nearly 21 million people watching the film when it aired on CNN, and a rating of 98 percent from approved critics on Rotten Tomatoes. The film depicted the dark truths about the performing whales at SeaWorld and the deaths of several trainers.

2. Their breeding program involves inbreeding.
The breeding programs for orcas at SeaWorld is a continual process which often involves breeding between closely-related whales. And orcas are also forced to breed well before their natural breeding age.

3. SeaWorld separates young animals from their families in the wild.
SeaWorld may have vehemently denied separating young orcas from their mothers (which, they do), but they have never denied stealing dependent baby penguins from their parents in Antarctica.

4. Cramped enclosures are never going to compare to the ocean.
The enclosures at SeaWorld are 50 feet deep, which is less than twice the length of a full-grown killer whale. 'Nuff said.

5. They are still making money from captivity. (Even if their stock is tanking.)
SeaWorld is keeping cetaceans in a captive environment which have been proven to be detrimental to the creatures' mental health, for the pure sake of audience entertainment and increased park admission fees.