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Deaf Shelter Dog Whose Best Friend Got Adopted First Is So Loved Now

When Marshmallow, a deaf pit bull from Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas, watched her best friend Scooby get adopted, she was absolutely heartbroken.

The sweet dog wouldn't stop crying after he left, and the staff at the rescue knew the only cure for her broken heart would be a loving forever home of her own.

Scooby was adopted at the end of December, right before Christmas, leaving Marshmallow to celebrate the holidays alone. But little did Marshmallow know, she wouldn't have to wait for long.

Two days after Christmas, Marshmallow's wish was finally granted. A family heard about her struggle, and decided she would fit perfectly into their family.

After losing her friend, Marshmallow was overjoyed to gain a family. She hopped into her new car ...

... and left her shelter life behind with a smile.

On her first day in her new home, Marshmallow was not at all shy about how happy she was to be there ...

... and fell asleep in the middle of the floor at the end of the day, exhausted from all the excitement and new adventures.

Now, Marshmallow is still thriving in her new family. She loves her parents, who have been teaching her sign language to help her communicate.

After losing Scooby, Marshmallow was eager to make new friends. She now has a cat sister named Kizzy, who has special needs ...

... and recently gained a new little human brother, whom she already loves so much.

Marshmallow went from being a sad shelter dog to a member of a big, loving family. You can keep up with her adventures on her Facebook page.

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