Deaf Pit Bull Learns Sign Language So She Can Have A Chance At A Real Home

At only 2 years old, a pit bull named Cha Cha limps a little from an old leg injury and she's totally deaf. But she still has a lot of love to give.

She's even learned how to understand a special sign language, in hopes that this will help her find a family.

Cha Cha the deaf pit bull | Facebook/Chako Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy

Chako Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy in Sacramento, California, got a call from Sacramento County Animal Care Services in 2014 about a special needs dog. "Of course we stepped up!" the rescue organization wrote on PetFinder.

After treating Cha Cha's leg at the vet, the rescue organization got to work training Cha Cha - without uttering a single word.

Deaf dogs are "very trainable," according to Chako, even if this seems contrary to popular belief. "You have to use different techniques, but it is done all the time," the organization wrote.

Facebook/Chako Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy

A video shows just how far Cha Cha has come and her sharp understanding of hand signals.

Facebook/Chako Pit Bull Rescue and Advocacy

Cha Cha was adopted once, about two years ago - but then she was returned to the shelter because she wasn't getting along with the cats at her new home.

A little older now, and a little wiser, she's been waiting for too long for permanent home. Even though she's not great with cats, she loves being around other dogs.

If you can give this sweet girl a new home, contact Chako through PetFinder or email

Can't take Cha Cha but still want to help? Click here to learn how.