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'Dead' Kitten Shocks Her Rescuer By Taking A Breath

When Reddit user Old_Donkey_Teeth was biking to work one day, she saw what appeared to be a dead kitten on the side of the road ... so she decided to stop and take a look.

The little kitten was covered in fly eggs and was cold to the touch, so the woman assumed she had died ... until the kitten took a breath.

The tiny, sickly kitten was, somehow, still alive.

The Reddit user immediately took the kitten to the vet, where medical staff determined she was only one-third of the normal weight for a kitten her age. She was covered in maggots and flies, had intestinal worms and was extremely malnourished. It was a miracle she was still alive.

Despite her extensive issues, Trinket, as she was later named, began to heal. Her rescuer began bringing her to work on her bike.

Trinket loved visiting her rescuer's office, where she charmed the woman's coworkers. Everything seemed like it was going to be just fine ... until the seizures started.

Due to her very rough beginnings, the vet discovered Trinket had brain damage, which was causing the seizures. It was just one more hurdle for Trinket to overcome - and somehow, she did.

In time, the seizures went away, and Trinket continued to grow and heal.

From 4 months old ...

... to 5 months old ...

... to 6 months old ...

... and so on, until Trinket had grown into a happy, healthy cat.

Unfortunately, Trinket's rescuer eventually realized the tiny kitten was not getting along with her other cats and really needed to be the only cat in a home.

Luckily, one of the woman's coworkers who had met Trinket during her time at the office fell in love with her and offered to take her in, and still sends her original rescuer updates and pictures all the time.

Now, Trinket is living like a queen. She went from being barely alive to having more life in her than most, and with any luck she has only happy days ahead.