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15 Donkeys Who Prove They're Secretly The Cutest Animal

Often under-appreciated, donkeys may not be the first animal that comes to mind when you're looking for non-stop cuteness.... Until now. Need something to brighten your day? There's a donkey for that!

1. This baby donkey rocking an extra-fluffy hairdo.


2. This brave guard donkey (and his llama colleague) protecting a flock of sheep from a coyote.


3. This donkey who likes to cart around his feline friend.


4. This pair of donkey pals just horsin' around on a beach.

(YouTube/Funny Animals)

5. This dashing donkey who found an extra comfy chin rest.


6. This bold burro with an itch to scratch.

(Facebook/Lavender Dreams Donkey Rescue)

7. This newborn donkey who's just learning how to scamper.


8. This duo of Greek donkeys sharing a tender moment.

(Flickr/Klearchos Kapoutis)

9. This frisky foal caught in the act mid-frolic.

(Facebook/Muriel Burnadou)

11. This trusty trio proving that three really is company.


12. This marvelous jenny with ears like antennas.

(Flickr/Pete Markham)

13. These super-rare, super-shaggy Poitou donkeys with dreadlocks.

(Facebook/Fermeduchampduparc Asinerie de Ouismes)

14. This mother and foal who totally nailed the family portrait pose.

(Facebook/The Donkey Sanctuary)