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Dog Dumped At Shelter Was Too Scared To Even Eat

Daisy has one of those faces that tell a thousand stories. All of them heartbreakers.

But she seemed determined to take them to her grave.

When she arrived at a shelter in Philadelphia, the 2-year-old pit bull refused every gesture of compassion from staff and volunteers.

"She was completely terrified, trembling, and shut down at the shelter," Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue wrote on its Facebook page.

She had been abandoned by her family, according to the Pennsylvania-based group, because they "didn't have time for her."

And the rejection left her despondent.

At the shelter, she turned aside food, even treats, and scarcely drank any water.

Staff and volunteers couldn't get through to Daisy.

But she couldn't refuse the ultimate act of compassion. A board member from Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue walked her out of the shelter.

With Daisy sneezing, coughing and having trouble breathing, she underwent immediate medical treatment. At the clinic, she underwent a battery of tests and treatments, including IV fluids to bring down her heightened temperature.

She was discharged Monday. Still, she has no appetite. But slowly, carefully, Daisy's story is wending its way to perhaps, her first happy ending.

All because, someone did have the time.

Daisy is still being assessed by rescue staff who have found her a foster home where she can decompress from shelter life.

To donate to her care, click here and note that your contribution is for Daisy.

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