Zoo Orangutans Share A Touching Moment With Woman's Newborn Baby

“It was a very special moment for sure.”

There are barriers in place at the Kansas City Zoo designed to keep people and animals apart.

But during one recent visit, that barrier — and the distinction between the two — blurred, in a way, before everyone’s eyes.

Kansas City Zoo

Last weekend, a zoo employee name Amy paid a visit to the facility’s orangutan enclosure. But she didn’t come alone. Amy brought her family along that day — and included among them was her newborn daughter.

Settling in next to the enclosure’s glass wall, Amy and her baby caught the attention of orangutans Jill and Kalijon, the latter of whom is a mom herself.

And in the moments that followed, whatever differences in species seemed to fade into the background as the pair connected as mothers:

To some people, the interaction between the human and orangutan families that day may be seen as a mere curiosity. But Amy, at least, seems to agree that it was far more soulful a connection taking place.

“It was a very special moment for sure,” she said.