Year After Finding Food Dropped On Floor, Cat Checks Same Spot Every Day For More

Her family makes sure the "magic tile" still delivers ✨✨✨

Sure, to the untrained eye, this may look like just a normal, run-of-the-mill floor tile. But truth is, this particular tile is anything but ordinary.

In fact, it’s magic.

Melissa Peña

Just ask this chonk of a cat named Olivia.

Melissa Peña

Last year, Olivia's owner Melissa Peña was in the kitchen making dinner when a piece of cooked chicken fell from the counter and landed on the tile. Peña was busy, so she didn't bend down to pick it up right away.

Then Olivia strolled in.

She ate that surprise floor treat, of course, and apparently believed it was a gift out of thin air from the tile itself.

Melissa Peña

In Olivia's mind, if the mysterious appearance of food on the tile could happen once, it could happen again.

"Every day for a week, she would walk in and sniff the chicken spot. Every time. Several times a day," Peña told The Dodo. "We thought it was hilarious."

After watching this for a while, the cat's family decided to secretly fulfill her dream of finding another tile treat. While Olivia was in a different room, they placed another morsel on the tile, in the same spot. When she came in to check that time, her suspicion was confirmed.

This really was a magic tile.

Melissa Peña

It's been a year now since that magic tile first revealed its secret, and Olivia continues to check it several times a day — and for good reason. To keep up the sweet ruse, Olivia's family occasionally leaves a bit of food on the tile for her when she's not looking.

She's always thrilled to find it.

What Olivia doesn't fully realize, however, is that source of that "magic" is actually the love her family has for her.

Melissa Peña

That particular tile will continue to provide occasional yummy gifts for Olivia. Peña and her family wouldn't have it any other way.

"We love that it makes her happy! She’s very loved and, honestly, watching her reaction is so fun! We all enjoy watching her excitement." Peña said. "We don’t do it too often. We don’t want to lose the magic."