Worker Realizes Someone's Living In The Telephone Pole He's Supposed To Replace

He got creative in the sweetest way ❤️

The other day in Brazil, electrical worker Joilson Brites Antunes was asked to remove a rotting wooden telephone pole and replace it with one made of concrete.

While setting out on the task, however, Antunes realized the old wooden pole was more than just a pole.

It was home.

Near the top of the pole, Antunes discovered a wild toucan had hollowed out a place to build a nest, and was caring for her chicks inside it.

Since tearing down the pole would mean the bird family would be displaced, the electrical worker decided to get creative.

With the authorization of his employer, Antunes carefully cut the portion of wood pole containing their home — and secured it to the new one in the same spot.

"[We] interfered as little as possible with the nest,” Antunes told local media.

The toucan, no doubt, appreciated the effort — returning to her home and babies as if nothing of importance had changed.

Though in some ways, the sturdier new concrete pole, and the electricity it helps provide, are emblematic of humanity's technological progress, Antunes' thoughtful approach proves it needn't be lacking a heart. As Antunes wrote:

"Compassion for animals is one of the noblest virtues of human nature."