Woman's Unique Tattoo Has A Special Double Meaning

"Ropey is family" ❤️

The minute Christy Williams heard about a lonely farm kitten in need of a home, she adopted him without skipping a beat.

She knew he’d be happier in her house, but she had no idea that he would soon befriend a family relic and change both of their lives forever.

Christy Williams

The former farm kitten, later named Bug, made himself right at home with Williams. Through the years, he helped her celebrate life’s best moments and stayed faithfully by her side in times of loss and grief.

So when Williams’ grandmother, Brenda, sadly passed away, Bug comforted his mom with his trusty snuggles. A few days later, Williams went to recover some of her grandma’s personal belongings, and she found something unexpected.

“My grandma, Brenda, actually made Ropey for unknown reasons,” Williams told The Dodo. “After she had passed, we took in her sewing and craft stuff and found Ropey in there.”

Christy Williams

Williams found Ropey — a small, braided rope — at the top of her grandmother’s belongings. For a while, Ropey lay untouched in the spare room housing the rest of Grandma Brenda’s things.

Then, Bug found Ropey.

“One day, Bug came out of the room with Ropey in his mouth,” Williams said. “Since then, he brings Ropey everywhere with him!”

Christy Williams

Bug and Ropey were immediately inseperable. Wherever Bug went, he made sure to never leave his best friend, Ropey, behind.

“Bug will take Ropey to the litter box, the food bowl, to bed and to his cat tree,” Williams said. “His love for Ropey was instant.”

Christy Williams

Just as much as Bug loved Ropey, Williams loved seeing the orange cat carry around her late grandmother’s craft.

To honor Grandma Brenda’s memory and Bug’s sweet connection to her, Williams decided to get a tattoo of Ropey.

“Ropey is significant to me because he represents unconditional love,” Williams said. “Also, he represents my grandma. She was a huge animal lover and did everything in her power to care for those around her. She was an angel on earth, and my Ropey tattoo is a reminder of her.”

Christy Williams

Today, Bug’s obsession with Ropey is just as strong as ever.

After dragging his best friend around the house, Bug always ends his day by jumping into his parents’ bed with Ropey and happily falling asleep.

Christy Williams

For Williams, there’s nothing more healing than having her furry best friend and his favorite toy by her side. She wishes her Grandma Brenda could see them now, but she’s comforted to know that her beloved relative’s memory still lives on thanks to Bug.

“Grandma’s spirit stays alive with us through the love of Bug and Ropey,” Williams said. “Ropey is family.”

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