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Woman's 'Nice' Family Photo With Cats Doesn't Go As Planned

"It went south so quickly" 😂

The idea, at first, seemed simple enough to cat owner Caoimhe Nelson — gather together her three cats for a sweet family photo.

But, as you'll see, things didn't exactly go as planned.

Caoimhe Nelson

"In the first picture my brother snapped, everyone looked pretty happy in it," Nelson told The Dodo. "Just not everyone was facing the camera."

Moments later, however, things took a rather ugly turn.

"The madness started," Nelson said. "It went south so quickly."

Caoimhe Nelson

Mooch, the oldest kitty of the bunch, decided to use that moment to rile up her unsuspecting siblings.

Caoimhe Nelson

Things turned into a free-for-all from there, with Nelson caught in the crossfire.

"I still don’t know what I thought was going to happen," she said.

Caoimhe Nelson

The photo shoot was effectively over.

"Everything went back to normal once they could get some space between them. Nobody was hurt," Nelson said. "I totally forgive them for not wanting to take a picture for me. It’s definitely on brand for a nice family photo to turn out so hilarious."

For the time being, Nelson's thinks it's wiser to stick to taking individual pics of her cats.

Caoimhe Nelson

Though that one half-decent family photo is the likeliest to be framed and put on display, Nelson will no doubt cherish the outtakes, too. After all, those are more representative of her pets' family dynamics — for better or worse.

"They truly are typical siblings," Nelson said.