Woman Working In Garden Finds An Intruder Hiding In Plain Sight

Where is she? 🔎

The other day, Linda MohrParaskevopoulos decided to renovate her vegetable garden. The Virginia resident hoped to raise the garden by a few feet, so she reached her hand into one of the cinderblocks holding it up.

Expecting to feel dirt underneath the cinderblock, MohrParaskevopoulos jumped when her fingertips grazed something cold, slimy and alive.

“The shock of it being so close made me scream,” MohrParaskevopoulos told The Dodo.

To her surprise, a sleepy toad was burrowed inside the cinderblock, completely hidden in plain sight.

Linda MohrParaskevopoulos

“We have so many toads,” MohrParaskevopoulos said. “They burrow over the winter everywhere and come out in spring.”

Luckily, MohrParaskevopoulos is used to toads hibernating in her yard, so she knew just what to do with the little one.

“I took a shovel, went under her and moved her to a flower garden,” MohrParaskevopoulos said. “This was relatively early spring, and I'm not sure she was quite awake yet.”

Linda MohrParaskevopoulos

MohrParaskevopoulos placed the toad carefully in a shady flower bed, where she stayed for a few days before hopping away to her new destination.

“For the next two days, she sat in the flower garden and then was gone,” MohrParaskevopoulos said.

Linda MohrParaskevopoulos

MohrParaskevopoulos didn’t get a chance to see the toad take off, but she found a surprise later that the sweet girl might have left behind.

“Later, there were tons of eggs in the pond,” MohrParaskevopoulos said.

MohrParaskevopoulos has seen an abundance of toads in her yard since finding the sleepy girl in her vegetable garden. She’s happy to have them there — she just checks twice before plunging her hand into cinderblocks now, just in case.