Woman Who Loves Horses Gets The Sweetest Surprise In Her Final Days

Her biggest wish came true ❤️

When Rita Meredith was younger, she had earned the distinction of being the first woman to serve as a mounted police officer in the United Kingdom. But clearly, working alongside horses was something far more than just a job.

And decades later, her love for those animals never faded. And it showed.

Meredith, who later moved to Australia, passed away earlier this month at a New South Wales hospice facility. But her final days were among her most joyous, thanks to a very special surprise visit she received.

"Her main wish before she passed was to smell/see a horse for one more time," Sykes wrote.

Meredith's final wish was fulfilled.

Learning of Meredith's desire to be in the company of horses one last time, members of the NSW mounted police decided to drop by the hospice facility for a meet and greet.

"They travelled all the way to Newcastle today to see Rita and make her wish come true," Sykes wrote. "Police officers Graham and Nicole were accompanied by the very handsome Hollywood and Don, and they sure made Rita’s day."

According to Sykes, Meredith gave the horses apples and plenty of pets. It was a chance for her to reconnect with animals she'd long held dear.

"There were plenty of tears shed and beautiful memories made," Sykes wrote.

Meredith reportedly passed away two days after that special surprise. The legacy of her lifetime of love for horses, however, lives on in the hearts of all who knew her. And to see her final with fulfilled is something Meredith's family won't soon forget.

"I cannot thank the NSW police for making this happen," Sykes wrote. "You have made this lovely lady's wish come true, and did it with such professionalism, respect and grace. On behalf of Rita’s family and friends, THANK YOU!"