Woman Walks Into Backyard And Stumbles On Deadly Family Hiding Under Her Hose

They blended in so well 😳

The other day, a woman in Phoenix, Arizona, was startled when she went into her backyard and found a noisy visitor hiding behind her garden hose. Concerned, the woman called Marissa Maki from Rattlesnake Solutions.

snake near hose

When Maki arrived, the experienced snake rescuer realized she wasn’t dealing with just one rattlesnake. This snake was a mom, and she was protecting her five snakelets.

“I was really excited,” Maki told The Dodo. “I love snakes, and seeing all the fresh little babies always makes me happy.”

Carefully, Maki scoured the gravel for all of the snakes and used a grabbing tool to move the mama and her babies into a bucket.

Once safely contained in the bucket, Maki took the snakes to a nearby reserve. Soon, the snake family found a new home in an abandoned pack rat nest — a common resting place for wild snakes who want to stay out of the heat. 

snakes in sticks

Maki hopes that by sharing videos of her snake rescues, she can fight some of the negative stigma associated with the animals.

“People have a perception of snakes that they are just going to attack you the second they see you,” Maki said. “I make my videos to show just how calm and really non-eventful a snake encounter is. They are scared of us and just want to get away.”

Maki knows that snakes are intelligent creatures worthy of empathy who play a vital role in their ecosystem — she wants others to feel that way, too.

“Hopefully people can see they are moms and do stay with their young,” Maki said. “They are social and a living animal.”

You can keep up with Maki's rescues by following her on TikTok.