Woman Walking To Bus Suddenly Realizes A Fuzzy Blob Is Following Her

"Every time I stopped, it tried to catch up."

Loraine Anne Marie Baguio was walking to a bus terminal in the Philippines when she suddenly had a feeling she was being followed. She turned around — and saw a tiny black blob trotting towards her.

"Every time I stopped, it tried to catch up," Baguio wrote on TikTok. 

Loraine Anne Marie Baguio

The fuzzy little blob turned out to be a tiny kitten who had taken an interest in Baguio. At first, she thought maybe they were just going in the same direction, but she quickly realized she was being pursued.

“She never stopped following me," Baguio told The Dodo. "I thought she would be gone once she sees food from the street but nope, she kept walking by my side."

Baguio started slowing down so the kitten, later named Cat, could keep up. She searched some nearby bushes to see if the mom might be around, but, unfortunately, Cat was all alone. There were other people nearby, but no one else seemed to notice her except for Baguio. She knew she couldn’t just leave Cat behind — so she decided to take her home.

Baguio wasn’t planning on coming home with a kitten that day, but she managed to pivot and focus on getting her settled in. Cat was incredibly hungry and weak, but after some food, water and rest, she started to gain her energy back.

Loraine Anne Marie Baguio

Even though Baguio never considered herself a cat person, she fell head over heels in love with Cat almost instantly. She knew there was no way she could give her up, so she decided to officially adopt her.

"She is very sweet and affectionate," Baguio said. "It’s as if we’ve met somewhere before."

Baguio was surprised when Cat started following her that day, but Cat knew what she was doing all along. She knew she'd met her new mom, even if Baguio didn’t know it yet.

"I realized she was the one who chose me to be her mother and bring her home," Baguio said. "And that’s how I got my first cat."