Woman Wakes Up To Find Dog Judging Her For Sleeping In

“He made noise with his little legs to wake me up.”

This is Daiki — a sweet dog who loves nothing more than heading outdoors to play in the morning.

But what Daiki doesn’t love is being delayed from doing so.

Daiki The Golden

Recently, Daiki’s owner, Sandy, awoke to find her dog standing at the foot of her bed. Sandy hadn’t overslept that morning — at least in her opinion — but one look at the dog’s expression made it clear that he felt differently.

“He made noise with his little legs to wake me up,” Sandy told The Dodo. “He wanted to go out and play. And when he wants something, he stares at me.”

Daiki cast what seemed to be a judgmental glare her way, as if to say, “Come on, Sandy. Haven’t you slept enough?”

Sandy had gotten the message.

And fortunately, Daiki didn’t have to wait much longer for Sandy to rise and take him outside.

Daiki The Golden

Sure, Daiki may have grown a little impatient that morning. But his ability to get his feelings across to Sandy is one of the reason she loves him so much.

“He is very intelligent, but also has lots of character,” Sandy said. “He’s so expressive with his little face.”