Woman Wakes In The Night And Sees A Glowing Face Staring Back At Her

She wasn't expecting that.

World, meet Harami — easily among the cutest, most angelic little pups on the planet.


Harami lives in Japan with her parents, who dote upon her like the true member of their family she is. Her sweet personality and adorable face make it hard to treat her any other way.

“For me, she’s my beloved child,” Harami’s mom told The Dodo. “Harami always sleeps in bed with Mom and Dad.”

But recently, Harami revealed her spookier side.


The other night, after the family had all settled in to sleep in the bed they share, Harami’s mom got up to use the bathroom. It was dark and quiet, so she tried her best not to disturb the bed’s dozing occupants.

But afterward, upon tip-toeing back into the bedroom, Harami’s mom was struck with an eerie sight in the pitch-black night.

She was being watched.


It was Harami — lit from below, like the teller of a scary story might be for added frightening effect.


“At the time, my phone was on my pillow,” Harami’s mom said. “When I went to the bathroom, she climbed on my pillow and the phone lit up.”

It may have been a bit startling to see at first, but even then, in an adorable sort of way.

It was just Harami, after all.


Harami had no intention of causing her mom a fright, of course. She was just checking to make sure everything was OK. But in so doing, she made a fun memory for them both.

“I found it so cute that I laughed,” Mom said. “Harami loves me and wags her tail happily when I laugh. She’s a treasure.”

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