Woman Orders Extra Packages Just So Dog Can See Her Favorite Deliveryman

"She was so glad to see him again" ❤️

The love of a new friend doesn't usually come neatly wrapped and sealed. But sometimes it does.

Just ask this sweet pug named Kaijeaw.

Kaijeaw Thestories

One day, Kaijeaw's owner, June, woke up from a nap and heard sounds of someone outside her home in Thailand. When she looked through the window, June saw a postal worker who'd just dropped off a package at her gate. But that wouldn't be his only delivery.

Kaijeaw, naturally, had run to greet the stranger — who'd taken a break from his duties to shower the pup with love and pets.

"I'm so glad I saw that," June told The Dodo.

The little dog was immediately smitten.

Kaijeaw Thestories

From that point on, Kaijeaw was even more on alert for people passing by out front, just in case it was the delivery guy she'd befriended. As the days passed without him reappearing, however, June noticed her dog growing sad and disappointed.

Then another package arrived — and Kaijeaw was thrilled. But it only lasted a moment.

This time, it was a different delivery guy, one from another shipping company. He just dropped the parcel and left, paying no attention to eager Kaijeaw. The little dog was heartbroken again.

Kaijeaw Thestories

Rather than let Kaijeaw's disappointment spoil her happy spirit, having been snubbed by the latest delivery guy, June got to work to set things right.

She immediately hopped online and placed another order, this time indicating in the address notes that she wanted the first delivery guy to drop it off. It was all for Kaijeaw.

And sure enough, the beloved delivery guy once again came through — with both the package for June and, more importantly, lots of affection for her dog.

Kaijeaw Thestories

"Kaijeaw was so happy!" June said. "She was so glad to see him again."

June had used the mail system to deliver joy.

Kaijeaw Thestories

Knowing just how much happiness can come from the simple delivery of a package, June says she plans on ordering even more in the future — for the benefit of both her dog and the delivery guy, who clearly has a soft spot for pups.

"I loved to see them," June said, "Happy, smiling and laughing."