Woman Suddenly Realizes There’s Something Off About Her Dining Set

"I jumped out of my skin!”

The other day, Claire Trenery was working from home when she decided to make some tea. She prepared a cup just for herself, believing that she was there all alone.

Returning from the kitchen, Trenery noticed something off about her dining set — and that’s when she realized she actually had company.

Claire Trenery

Turns out, a black cat had made her way through Trenery’s open patio door and settled in on one of her black dining chairs.

For the record, Trenery doesn’t own a cat.

“She was sitting completely still,” Trenery told The Dodo. “I only noticed her as I put the tea down and caught sight of her eyes, at which point I jumped out of my skin!”

The cat blended right in.

Claire Trenery

Trenery was shocked. Her uninvited guest, on the other hand, was not.

“She seemed unperturbed,” Trenery said. “She carried on sitting there, without moving. She did kind of look like she was expecting a three-course meal.”

After 20 long minutes of sitting at the table, the cat gave up on waiting.

“Then she took herself on a tour of the house,” Trenery said.

Claire Trenery

The random cat in Trenery’s home wasn’t a total stranger. Her name is Tinkerbell. She belongs to one of Trenery’s neighbors. However, this was the first time she’d come in and made herself at home.

“I always say hi to her when I see her in the garden,” Trenery said. “All the neighbors love her 'cause she’s such a character.”

Claire Trenery

Eventually, Tinkerbell's surprise visit came to an end as she wandered back outside toward her own home. But though she did give Trenery quite a shock at first, the friendly cat won't be turned away if she decides to drop by again.

"I’d possibly appreciate some kind of greeting next time she comes in the house though, just to spare my nerves," Trenery said. "But she is very welcome."