Woman Suddenly Realizes There's A Living 'Ornament' In Her Christmas Tree

"I saw a giant, breathing ball of gray fur.”

The other day, Brett Ingram was at home catching up on some work on her computer when a strange noise struck her ears. It was faint but distinct — and seemed to have emanated from her Christmas tree.

“I heard a little sneeze sound,” Ingram told The Dodo. “I looked over and around the tree a little bit and didn’t see anything.”

After a few moments, she heard the sound again, but this time louder.

Brett Ingram

“Then I saw it — a huge, long, naked tail hanging down the back side of my tree,” Ingram said. “My eyes moved up, but I stayed completely still because I wasn’t sure what it was yet. I saw a giant, breathing ball of gray fur.”

Ingram was in disbelief. There was a living "ornament" inside her tree.

“I backed up and looked around through the front of the tree and saw his adorable face looking right at me,” she said.

Brett Ingram

Turns out, the animal in Ingram’s Christmas tree was an opossum.

“I have no idea how he got in,” Ingram said. “I have never had a wild animal in my house before.”

His little sneeze had given him away.

Ingram wasn't sure how to proceed. So, she called a wildlife specialist for help and was advised to put on some gloves and carry the opossum back outside — and that’s what she did.

“He was huge,” Ingram said. “The video just makes him look like a baby.”

Getty Images/leekris

For Ingram, an animal lover, the unexpected encounter with an opossum was almost like an early present.

“It made my entire month, actually, despite my initial shock,” she said. “I will never forget Christmas 2023.”