Woman Sitting On Porch Suddenly Has Feeling She's Being Watched

“He was just hanging out” 👀

Debi Barlow went out onto her porch one morning to have a cup of coffee and relax. She was sitting out there for a while when she suddenly got the feeling that she was being watched. She looked around, and even though she didn’t see anyone, the feeling stayed with her. 

Eventually, her eyes fell on the stick basket sitting nearby — and that’s when she finally noticed him. 

“It was a tiger swallowtail butterfly caterpillar,” Barlow told The Dodo. “He was just hanging out.”

Debi Barlow

The little guy blended in so well with the stick basket that Barlow hadn’t even noticed him. Once she did, though, she was happy to have a companion to sit with as she sipped her coffee. 

Even though Barlow felt like she was being watched, the caterpillar’s “eyes” really aren’t his eyes at all. They’re false eye spots that help to scare away predators. They also make these caterpillars incredibly cute and very inviting porch coffee guests, apparently. 

Debi Barlow

The caterpillar didn’t seem to mind Barlow at all and stayed with her for quite a while until finally he had to continue on with his day.

“He hung for a while, [then] wandered off after an hour or so,” Barlow said.

Normally, Barlow may never have even noticed the tiny caterpillar on her porch — but thanks to his gigantic “eyes,” she met a new friend and got to enjoy her morning coffee with some company. Nature is pretty darn cool.