Lady Spruces Up The Home Of The Giant Spider Who Lives On Her Porch

"Any less would be just kinda rude and unneighborly.”

Fiona Grayson hasn’t always appreciated spiders. Whenever she came across someone with eight legs, her impulse was to “kill on sight.” But by the time she met Cordelia, her thoughts on arachnids had changed.

Grayson first realized that she had company in July. “I noticed our cat, Scout, staring intently at something in the gap between where the wall meets the decking on our side porch,” Grayson told The Dodo. “Closer inspection revealed my first glimpse of the large spider who I've come to name Cordelia.”

Giant house spider on woman's porch
Fiona Grayson

The giant house spider was about the size of Grayson’s palm and had spun sheets of webbing up the side of the house. “I crouched down to get a closer look, and she stayed put, and that's when I noticed her eyes,” Grayson said. “She seemed to be looking up at me, and I fancifully wondered if maybe she was observing me with the same level of curiosity as I was her.”

To let her new neighbor know that she was welcome, Grayson decided to spruce up the spider's entryway. First, Grayson created two adorable flower pots, filling them with fennel blossoms to help attract some dinner for Cordelia.

Woman decorates spider's web
Fiona Grayson

“The flower pots were just strips of dampened grocery store bag that I wrapped around the lid of a nail polish bottle, painted and filled with dry flowers,” Grayson said. “They took almost no time. Once I'd installed them, I realized a doormat would be a fun touch. That was just a piece of black cardstock scribbled on with a white pencil.”

She added a “WEBer grill,” made from a painted rock and some nails, and a porch swing built with twigs, twine and glue. As the decorations to Cordelia’s home multiplied, Grayson formed a bond with the sweet spider.

Fiona Grayson

“It was simply fun and wholesome, and in the process, I became very fond of her and excited to see her when she'd reveal herself at night,” Grayson said. “I tell her she's beautiful and loved and thank her for her diligent pest control work. Any less would be just kinda rude and unneighborly.”

Giant spider's doorway gets a makeover
Fiona Grayson

Cordelia has accepted all the decorations by making them part of her home — and making her web even larger and more permanent.

“I can see that she's come out under the cover of darkness and has attached fresh webbing all around her door,” Grayson said. “It’s now attached to all of the decorations and furnishings as well, so that's how I know she appreciates the gesture — or at least tolerates it.”

Fiona Grayson

Since Grayson started posting the photos of Cordelia’s home on social media, the spider has developed quite a fanbase. Even people suffering from arachnophobia are falling in love with the giant spider, and Grayson couldn’t be more pleased.

“I figure that if I can make just a few people out there change their attitudes towards our arachnid neighbors, and come to see the beauty and necessity of them, then this little diversion has been very worthwhile,” Grayson said.

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