Woman Spots Moth Hanging Out And Can't Believe What's Written On Her Wings

Do you see it? 😱

When Denise Lewallen’s daughter first spotted an imperial moth, just hanging out and doing her thing, she wasn’t too fazed. Then, she noticed the moth’s wings — and immediately raced to snap a photo.

She shared the photo with her mother, and Lewallen quickly asked if she could share the photo on Facebook to show everyone else the wonder her daughter had captured.

Denise Lewallen

Imperial moths are known to be yellow with red, brown and purple splotches all over their wings. These splotches can often create varying patterns, and for this particular moth, her pattern was special — because it contained both a face and the name “Anna.”

As soon as Lewallen shared the photo on Facebook, everyone had so much fun sharing their reactions to the incredibly unique-looking moth. Imperial moths are all pretty cool-looking, for sure, but this one was absolutely next level.


“A lot of people felt creeped out,” Lewallen told The Dodo. “Others felt it gave them peace spiritually (like a loved one visiting with that name, as a butterfly is often represented) … I honestly did not expect the picture to take off as much as it did. I loved reading people's responses. How some people saw the same face or image, how different they were, and there was an occasional person who couldn't see the image at first, were shown, then couldn't believe they missed it. It has all been positive reactions and fun to watch people sharing.”

It’s not every day that a moth with a name written on her wings flies by, and it’s incredibly lucky that Lewallen’s daughter was able to capture a picture and share it for everyone to marvel at.