Woman Spots Helpless Animal Stuck On Pole And Climbs Up To Help

He was stuck head-first 😳

When a Peel Marsupial Care volunteer recently received a call about an animal trapped head-down at the top of a nearby pole, the worried animal advocate quickly contacted the local fire station for help. Unable to get assistance in time, the rescuer took matters into her own hands.

woman climbing ladder
Facebook/Peel Marsupial Care, Inc.

With the help of her dad and a few other animal lovers, the woman climbed 19 feet up to where the animal was stuck. Finally, she saw him — a young possum crying out for help. Though they weren’t sure how he ended up there, rescuers assumed he’d lost his way and accidentally gotten trapped while climbing to safety.

“After a lot of gentle tugging and perseverance, they managed to get the poor thing down,” Peel Marsupial Care wrote in a Facebook post.

woman helping possum
Facebook/Peel Marsupial Care, Inc.

Back on the ground, the rescuer took the possum home, where she assessed him for injuries, gave him ample food and water, and started the process of getting him back on his feet.

“He didn't eat for the first two nights, as he was stressed and scared, but is now eating really well,” the possum’s rescuer told The Dodo.

Once he’s fully recuperated, the possum will be released back into the wild, where he belongs.

possum in cage
Facebook/Peel Marsupial Care, Inc.

Free from the dangerous pole, this wayward possum is surely glad that so many people stopped to help that day.

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