Woman Spots A Random Dog Out Living His Very Best Life

"It made my day" ❤️

Recently, while out running errands near her home in Texas, TikTok user @perzefeny caught a glimpse of joy in its purest form — and winded up with more than just a little for herself in the process.

It was all thanks to a random dog and this public fountain.

Laredo Center for the Arts

Upon leaving a nearby building, @perzefeny heard loud sloshing sounds emanating from the fountain — and spotted the source behind them.

"I was just passing by [and] saw the dog jumping into the fountain," she told the Dodo. "It was so endearing."

Seemingly without a care in the world, the playful pup splished and splashed through the decorative water feature. It was clear he was out living his very best life:

The dog belonged to a person standing close by, but their pup's antics quickly attracted the attention of others, who paused to observe his carefree romp in the water.

And simply by being his fun-loving self, the random dog made the world a happier place.

"It made my day and other people's who stopped to watch as well," @perzefeny said.